Wine&Sex Primavera


I arrived in Bodegas Monje before the time of the meeting, with the only intention of enjoying the wonderful views and the solitude of the moment. I always like to go to my appointments in advance to be able to examine every one of the people coming…. Their dresses, couples, hairstyles, shoes… I am able to create a story with four basics aspects of them… That does not mean that I guess, but it amuses me. You cannot imagine the things that I have tried… but I will tell you them.READ MORE

Welcome to my life. Cécile Bergec.

I was born almost four decades ago in Baune, a small city steeped in odors and vapors, capital of Burgundy wines. After infinite pains, finally my mother could expel me from her womb and feel the relief that comes like a breath of fresh air… as droplets of dew to the thirsty.READ MORE