Besos para encantarte

How to reach your kisses …

Looking for the way of make unstable the frailty of your nervous, whenever I burst into your room, without any external emotions. Investigating in the look that avoids my face and dodges the contact with my eyes. Making an effort to make react the frozen blood that pumps with success your heart, my body waddles with the gentleness with which spiders scratch their traps.

I long for that you observe me like the jewel that dazzles to the magpie and you should steal me promptly up to taking me to the bed. To raise your waist with the agility that only gives you the youth of a body full of desire and to hear your wheezes full of arousal.

Rest my hands in your chest to take impulse to provide you the best of the dances that you have ever lived until your body come to my hips. To give you the vision of my breasts full of life while your hands enjoy holding my long hair dampened by the heat of the game.

To ride on the winning stud and to turn me into the madness of your dreams. To drink a toast for the excitement with a glass of the best of the Burgundy . And to retain in my pupils your face, hungry of me of me.

To wait for you awake, that you return for me so many times as give you the forces, to spill with every rattle, the uncontrolled rage that only my skin and my tongue will cause you up to the end of the days.

Keep the fixed look in my face, do not doubt that I will be for you, so many times as you want, because I am already lost in your smile, in the image of your infinite silhouette, in the desire to have you under the sheets next to my naked body.

Death to Cupid. Valentine’s Day

It has been months since I have heard from you, but you reappear at your leisure in my mind, in heart and in the memories of my bed. It appeared to be nothing important, but I miss your hands, your clear eyes, and your smile with your fruity, Dragoblanco wine scented lips.READ MORE

#Wine&Sex Tour.

Wine&Sex Tour.

I have just lived through one very intense week… a marathon through four German cities to know and to speak with
a big number of persons about Wine&Sex. It is strange, but on having pronounced these magic words, a smile always escapes of my interlocutor and his look becomes slightly shameless and, as if a scanner was, it covers me from the READ MORE

Welcome to my life. Cécile Bergec.

I was born almost four decades ago in Baune, a small city steeped in odors and vapors, capital of Burgundy wines. After infinite pains, finally my mother could expel me from her womb and feel the relief that comes like a breath of fresh air… as droplets of dew to the thirsty.READ MORE