Don Carnal

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Long live to Don Carnal!

We still have a few days to untie the dog inside us. Take off the muzzle and let go of the daily leash that keeps our bodies so cold.

It’s time to hang the raincoat and dust off the sequins that will make us vibrate during the hours that the night hides from us. Look for a mask and let yourself go.

Change the office for the dark streets.

Change the bag for a good company.

The traffic jams, for the carefree crowd.

The daily bad fumes, for the laughter that accompanies the dance.

Don’t you realize it’s Carnival?

You’re lucky enough to enjoy the best party in the world and, besides, you can be who you want… Nobody will notice. I won’t tell if you don’t want to.

Grid socks, suspenders, feathers and corset. Find out who you want to be. Abandon yourself to the amusement until the dawn, that another rooster, for that then, already will sing to us… meanwhile, just go out to the streets and enjoy.

Live the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.



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