Islas Afortunadas.Canary Islands. #wineandsexprimavera

My work allows me to do many things, among others, get lost during seasons in remote locations or jump from continent to continent enjoying the delicacies of Earth and other bodies.

A month and a half that I have come to the island of Tenerife following the trail of my latest discovery: the Canary wines. I never thought that such spectacular wines are cultivated in these areas. Perhaps the hometown production, out of pure selfishness, not leaves the outside world to enjoy these wonders.

These fortunate islands (as I’ve read on several occasions) are full of originality and visual pleasures. Beautiful places invite me to enjoy and to remain in them. Sun encourages my skin to get carried away by the passions that I receive from the wine. The scent of pine and laurel numbed my evils and relieves my heart.

The mixture of this volcanic soil with the subtropical climate makes the natives varieties, not reached by the phylloxera, from the islands, worthy of the best palates in the world. Different wines and full of personality that with just a sip, slip down my throat all the power of a Teide crowned by the heights, and rocked by the sea of clouds….

But not only from wine live my body and my skin pores begging to bless for pleasure… of all kinds of pleasures…

monje viñas

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