Wine&Sex Primavera


I arrived in Bodegas Monje before the time of the meeting, with the only intention of enjoying the wonderful views and the solitude of the moment. I always like to go to my appointments in advance to be able to examine every one of the people coming…. Their dresses, couples, hairstyles, shoes… I am able to create a story with four basics aspects of them… That does not mean that I guess, but it amuses me. You cannot imagine the things that I have tried… but I will tell you them.

Wine&Sex began and everyone started to go down. My companion quickly helped me sort the pavers. I would prefer to go it alone. I remember everything that happened that night wrapped in a bright red light. The image of a beautiful young woman tied on a wonderful barrel, where the Monje wine rests, comes again and again to my retina. My body wanted to be there, fastened by wrists and at the expense of the designs of another woman whose gaze conveyed all the desire of those who like to know is being observed.

During the dinner, the winery wanted to fulfill the wishes of the guests. Innocents, full of love…Wicked… Almost ending, I was pushed onto the stage and they let me kneeling next to a young brawny torso. His black chest marked each muscle hidden beneath their skin and their hard nipples lit up my smile when I see them pierced by two rings of steel.

A leather whip indicated me the piece of fruit of many rested on him that I have to eat, but my tongue wanted to walk before on each nipple while my fingers played with the perfect navel of the young…

What began as theater became an exciting game of two in front of the public. The face of surprise and excitement of the boy caught me and made me enjoy even more of my tongue on his chest.

So far has not reached me no graphic document of my body beside the unknown of the stage, but it would had amazed me to see how he enjoyed as if it were with another spectator.

When I went down the stage, my companion had left. I smiled slightly and finished sweeten my lips with the glass of Monje Moscatel that awaited me at the table.

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