Manuela , the Rio de la Plata , a #Malbec and I

I had never liked the women… that is to say; I did not think to see as my legs would be connected with another person of my same sex. I have always looked with shameless eyes at the swinging of a skirt dancing on heels full of magic… I observe how the long hair swaggers with the soft breeze… but, I never thought to steal kisses of crimson color mouths.
When I saw Manuela, a chill covered my nape and my skin get with goose pimples as if I have just seen an unreal instagram @isarobaynabeing. The soft blouse that was falling down on my shoulders, was insinuating the abrupt mount of my turgid nipples. She, Manuela, looked at them with a malevolent smile and then I discovered the pleasure to feel wished by an angel with goddess’s body and Argentine accent… a spectacle for the senses.
I found her at night, waiting for me in the entrance hall of the Provincial Mar Del Plata Hotel. When I was coming in, my eyes stuck in an infinite pair of crossed legs with the best style that only gives you the education of those boarding schools of youngsters. Her feet were crowned by some fantastic Christian Louboutin that caressed their ankles. That small clasp seemed to me the best of the jewels I have seen until that moment.
When she saw me, she gathered from the ground a bottle of Malbec that was resting next to her legs. Strangled by the hands that for hours would teach me about how to enjoy my sexuality still more…
The true is that often I drink a glass of Malbec, but I do not know what happy element is missing in such a concoction to not appreciate the flavor that that night captivated me. Perhaps the aroma of her breasts is missing, or the flavor of the sweat on her navel.

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