Un deseo… #Fantasybarrel

A desire

And if I ask you for a desire?
One very small, of those that one drains between the fingers.
One that scarcely hurts so that it happened as if not at all.
One sweet, which is attractive between the lips.
A desire that seems delightfully.
That you want to eat with me.
That rescues of the most asleep memory.
That you want to shout to allow it to escape at large.
A desire that seems given.
Accidentally, that runs only.fantasybarrel
Without shame, one that undresses soon.
Without stumbles, one that drinks of my astonishment.

Leave me ask you for a desire.
Of those that are given without asking for them.
Of those that show joining one with other.
Of those that you are always ready to expire.

Because my very small and rebellious desires, I know they make you smile.
And I, if I find your smile, I see my desires fulfilled. . .



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