Welcome Autumn, we were waiting for you

The lonely sea breaks its waves on the rocks. The sun gives me rays that shine with insolent force on my skin. Lying naked on the edge of the Atlantic, salt water devours my lips which moisten to savor the brand new autumn in the southern coves.

Now I crave your hands exploring my body. Some caresses make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as they accompany the sea breeze.

The drops fall on my face and playfully remove the intense heat that makes me aware that we live in a permanent paradise of “Las Islas Afortunadas”. Looking at the horizon, I enjoy following the sails of the sailing boats. Seagulls sing their song as the five senses enjoy the morning sea.

I finish the small sips of Hollera left in my glass. I continue desiring your infinite hands around my body.


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