Welcome to my life. Cécile Bergec.

I was born almost four decades ago in Baune, a small city steeped in odors and vapors, capital of Burgundy wines. After infinite pains, finally my mother could expel me from her womb and feel the relief that comes like a breath of fresh air… as droplets of dew to the thirsty.

I was baptized just I was born because my frailty was such that no one gambled that I will survive more than one sigh and fourth in this world full of germs. Rush made the pastor to take an empty bottle of Domaine de la Romanée Conti from 1947 that retained their entire balsamic aroma intact.

I believe that this is the reason why my skin has an extraordinary and solf taste of red berries. Wine is part of me, each of my experiences, talking a divine aura and sometimes even disturbs my senses.

Welcome to all, my name is Cécile Bergèc and from today will make you partakers of my days, my memories, of how much we have to enjoy…

I met Mr. Monje in an unusual Wine Tasting Event in San Francisco. When I heard the name of this winery, the memories of my childhood hit my memory, resurrecting Gaspard Monge from my ancient books of descriptive geometry. I found him charming, so much so I invite him to a well know and prestigious wine cellar, Opus Wine, a wonderful combination of my origins with American wine culture. I still do not understand what strange game intended him with my storytelling… Although, that since I met him, he was captivated by me, like so many others that have tried to seduce me, without being aware of their acts empty of answers….

I will be waiting here… enjoying a wonderful glass of wine and all that emerges from our devilish heads…


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