#Wine&Sex Tour.

Wine&Sex Tour.

I have just lived through one very intense week… a marathon through four German cities to know and to speak with
a big number of persons about Wine&Sex. It is strange, but on having pronounced these magic words, a smile always escapes of my interlocutor and his look becomes slightly shameless and, as if a scanner was, it covers me from the eyes up to the ankles… and I know that not only are their eyes that enjoy me at this moment.

Far from make me feel uncomfortable, satisfies me enormously. When the glance begins to lower ,my body plays
with his sensual routine of sublime courtship. I raise gently the head and take the sufficient air so that my breast increases voluptuously, I slide my hand, put it on my hip and open lightly my legs… always in a good pair of shoes of infinite heels.

It is not that I get excited, the fact is that I adore to know me observed…and desired…

A pity not to have a little bit more time, because I wanted to make a visit “without hurry, but with all the necessary pauses” to the sheets of Hans in Hamburg.

Wonderful and productive nights lived the past week.

I come back with kisses of full lips, smiles of shy mouths and slightly perverse looks after a crystal with the color and aroma of a Monje Dragoblanco.


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